Social Practice Art
Art that requires community involvment
Participatory, interactive, collaborative & relational


SPArt is a funding initiative that supports Los Angeles-based Social Practice Art projects. We provide financial resources to artists who intend to create social change through socially engaged art. These projects work in cooperation with communities and address or respond to current social issues and conditions. SPArt aims to empower the artists and the work as agents of change.

What We Fund

SPArt awards three Project Grants of $10,000 each to projects that engage audiences, promote participation, and foster social change. These projects must be Los Angeles-based.

We fund projects that enable the artist as a leader and change-maker, encourage lasting relationships with communities, and require community involvement.

We believe that Social Practice Art can reach its fullest potential by creating social change. In order to demonstrate this ethos, at least two of the three grants in 2014 will be awarded to projects driven by a desire for social impact.

Who We Fund

dorit Kentifrica christina2

Who We Are

The SPArt Team


Can anyone apply for the SPArt grant?
No. There is a nomination process by which artists are nominated and then invited to apply for the grant.

How are the grantees chosen?
Our Advisory Committee members review and select the Grantees based on the project proposal submitted in the application.

What kind of projects do you support?
We support projects that engage communities, respond to existing conditions, aim for social change, and create long-lasting connections with the communities of Los Angeles.

Do the artists have to be Los Angeles-based?
No. However, the projects must be Los Angeles-based.

When will you announce the Grantees each year?
The Grantees will be announced in February.

How long is the funding period?
The SPArt Grant is a 1 year-long grant. This is a one-time grant.

Is there a specific manner in which the funds must be spent?
No. We understand that Social Practice Art gives way to a variety of projects and practices therefore, we will look at each project case-by-case.

Contact Us

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