SPArt Community Grants

These opportunities are open-application, mission specific grants to support the work of one artist, or collective, developing a unique project. Anyone with an applicable project in Los Angeles can apply, so long as it meets our definition of Social Practice Art.

What is “Social Practice Art”?

Language is a tricky thing. We know there are many community-engaged artists who do not self-identify as Social Practice artists. SPArt uses a simple definition. “Projects that elicit community involvement to generate social impact through art.”


  • Projects must be Los Angeles based
  • Projects must engage the community through art
  • Projects must identify the potential for social impact
  • Projects must be related to the Grant mission, as defined by donors
  • The Grant period is one year
  • Each Grant is $10,000

Important Dates

SPArt Community Grant for Dance — APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 16, 2018


Live/work in Los Angeles

Female identified

Dance identified

Applicants cannot be enrolled in matriculating programs and must have been out of school since January 2016 

Solo work is ineligible — The work must engage more than one person

Collectives (artists who have been working in collaboration for at least two years) are eligible to apply but one individual must serve as the applicant

Your project must include two open rehearsals and at least one publicly accessible final performance, all in Los Angeles

Projects must consider the impact of rehearsal process on the people artist/s you are working with

We encourage projects that are experimental in form, site, length and engagement with audience

We encourage projects that create positive working conditions for all participants

We encourage projects that focus on the creation and development rather than prioritizing the final product

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