Sarah Williams

Women’s Center for Creative Work

Project Description

Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) is a collaboration of Los Angeles ­based women engaged in conversations about creative practices and contemporary feminisms of all kinds. Over the past two years the the WCCW has hosted site­specific dinners, taken part in residencies, done a number of exhibitions, programs, and events, and enabled other women to realize their creative projects. Through these activities, and fuelled by the community of over 1500 women that have galvanized around and become part of this organization, we have realized the need and desire for a permanent, physical location to continue to grow this network of women interested in supporting each other socially, creatively and economically and building the structures (physical and transcendental) that maximize connectectivity and empower us collectively.

Specifically, the first phase of the space would include offices and a large communal workspace that would also serve as an exhibition space, workshop site, and home for shared resources like tools, printers, equipment and a library. This location would serve as a much needed hub for gathering, for meetings and conversations, for skill sharing, education and workshops, and as a hub for shared resources and communal creating. It would provide a central node for the many people, projects, event, and ideas that connect to make the Women’s Center for Creative Work.

We are proposing a permanent physical location for the WCCW and the first phase of the WCCW Community Workspace. A year ago, we got an advisory committee together, started looking at buildings and thinking about fundraising, but then we took a step back and realized what we needed to do first was delve into the histories and possibilities of what this kind of platform could look like, how to make it as inclusive and relevant as possible in this current moment. It became about a way to radically know where we already are, to question our own assumptions about both feminism, and the the idea of Los Angeles, to look both inward and outward. We are looking backward at historical models such as the Feminist Studio Workshop at the Woman’s Building, and sideways at other women’s co­-work spaces opening up currently all around the country, and we see a need for something like this to exist now, in Los Angeles.

We envision this center embodying what we’ve learned throughout our Year­Long Laboratory phase (­long­laboratory), where through themed quarters examining experimental organizations, economies, community, and space, we honored a process-­based and community ­driven way of determining the kind of physical space we, and the WCCW community, want and need. Women often have multi­-faceted practices, balancing their time as producers, makers, workers, mothers and partners. The WCCW is a proposed answer to this challenge, offering a collective workspace to provide an environment of intergenerational solidarity and community, a sanctuary where women with all sorts of small businesses, artistic practices, and personal projects can come get some work done within a supportive atmosphere.

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