What’s Working is Broken

Project Description


Veronique d’Entremont is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher, with an investment in collaborative practices and critical pedagogy. She believes that both artists and educators are social agents with a fundamental commitment to their communities, and that art and media can be powerful tools, both personally and politically, to expose, critique, and transform the conditions of injustice and inequality.

Veronique has taught in alternative, therapeutic and continuation high schools since 2006, and is currently teaching a class in UCLA’s VAPAE program titled “Meeting the Needs of Diverse Student Populations and Reframing At-Risk in Arts Classrooms.”  Veronique began working with the Youth Justice Coalition’s media team in 2013, which lead to their current collaborative project What’s Working is Broken.  Next term, What’s Working is Broken will be developing a Liberation Arts and Community Media curriculum at Youth Justice Coalition’s F.R.E.E. LA High School, that will support the organizing and community outreach work of the YJC.

The Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) is working to build a youth, family and prisoner-led movement to challenge Los Angeles’ California’s and the nation’s addiction to incarceration, and race, gender and class inequality throughout the juvenile and criminal injustice systems. We mobilize youth inside lock-ups, in continuation, Probation and under-resourced schools, and on the street.  Through transformative justice and community intervention/peacebuilding, direct action organizing, advocacy, political education, and activist arts, YJC works to expose and pressure the people in charge, in order to upset power and bring about change.  In 2007, the YJC founded F.R.E.E. L.A. High School (Fighting the Revolution to Educate and Empower Los Angeles), to eliminate barriers for system involved youth who have been pushed out of LAUSD schools.